Invest an hour into your psyche

I just finished reading the graphic novel Daytripper after seeing it on one of those “top 25 you must” lists a friend sent me.  I will not repeat what everyone else has already said.  There are far better reviews in the interwebs than I could do.  I will say I agree with them.


I hope to discuss it in more detail with this friend, and I am curious to see if he took the same thing from it I did.  I need to read it again before we have that talk.  I have so many thoughts I can’t yet put into words.  My response to the book was more emotional than intellectual. I felt it rather than understood it. Not sure if that makes sense or if it just makes me sound like a loon.

I guess what I mean is I know what I took away from the book but I could not say if it is the same thing the authors intended or the same as most others.  The description that keeps coming to mind is second derivative –  I am reacting not to the obvious message but to the implications of the message.

Yeah, I know, this is making no sense.  Go read the book.  After you read it play this tune and reflect on what you read and what you take from it.  Trust me, it will be worth it.