Sunday Sports Day

Ok, call me petty but I couldn’t be happier to see the Riders beat the Stamps today. I have had enough of overrated Bo Levi and Dave “The Dick” Dickenson. Dave was a whiny player and is a whiny coach. The stupid pretend kick to try to draw an offside was probably the cheapest coaching move I’ve seen in a long long time.

It is also awesome the Fajardo is going to the west final. I really like his play. Unfortunately I suspect Winnipeg will de assemble the Riders and ship them home in an old shoe box.

I feel sorry for the Fleury team. You should be going to the Olympics. Tough break. Curling can be an unforgiving game. Jen can be good but she has become so inconsistent. We’ll have to keep our fingers crossed.

On the curling note I’m even happier that Koe lost yesterday. Not only lost but quit after 6. WTF? Need a hanky Kevin? I still haven’t forgiven you for the 2018 Olympics. This is what you get for taking Morris in. John has ruined many a good team. The guy is team culture poison. He should have to wear a hazard label.

I had no favourite in the mens. Jacobs or Gushue can both represent.

Pumpin and blowin

Well here’s a first. Today we go to the gym to get an orientation session and a bit of time with a trainer. We’ve never had gym memberships before. In fact I’ve always been a bit scornful of gyms as I figure if I want to exercise I don’t need a gym to do that. I have lots of free alternatives.

So what’s changed?

First off the weather. We like to do a daily walk but walking in the pouring rain can get old in a hurry. Especially when its raining and 2°C. So being able to use a treadmill or elliptical inside is nice. This is sweet baboo’s biggest factor.

Second is more subtle. If I spent the money to join I’m just cheap enough to make sure I use it. So…motivation to actually exercise.

Third, the doc says if I want my back to stop hurting I will need to build core strength, and some trainer advise will be appreciated.

It’s open 24/7 too so hopefully we can find a time when it is fairly empty and satisfy our personal COVID protocols. I’ll let you know how it’s working out. See what I did there? Ha! I kill me.

Chair warming

So I’m still broken.

Going on four weeks and I’m still off with a gibbled back. There has been improvement but not enough for me to risk going to work. Luckily is has been raining almost every day for two weeks so I’d be sitting at home most like anyway. I would have liked to get into the shop but I can’t stand more than a few minutes so that’s not happening yet.

I had to disconnect the internet feature on the gate. It was opening at random times by itself. An internet search shows this seems to be a common complaint. I guess I should have done more research. The gate opener itself is solid so we’ll just use regular remotes for now. I will be adding a manual push button to open it for our walks.

Mrs Magg-nificent suddenly decided her puppy kibble was unsatisfactory resulting in an unplanned trip to the local feed store to play brand/favour roulette. Success first try and she’s back to gobbling up her meals.

Speaking of Maggie, holy crap does she run like the wind. I’ll try to get a photo or a video.


Just in time for the rainy season we finished installing an automatic gate opener. This one has been on the wish list for a few years. Now no more having to stand out in the rain to close the gate after a vehicle drives through. No more having to go out every time the mother in law comes or goes.

I found a brand that is targeted at non solid gates like mine is. It also has a wireless option so I can control it from my phone should I choose. I have installed and enabled the wireless option but to be honest I find I don’t use it, at least not yet. It would allow me to control the gates from anywhere, but since I never know if the dog is out in the yard I don’t open the gate until I am close enough to see. I primarily brought the option so I can open the gate from the house using a phone or tablet instead of needed an extra remote.

What we have found though is that it seems to be creating a need for a man gate at the driveway. If we are going for a walk or I’m heading down to the greenhouse I don’t always have a phone on me, so I need to steal the remote out of the truck.

Luckily I have a spare gate.