Guess what, you’re going to die

I recently read an article called You are going to die on the website Evidence Based Fitness.  This article is a couple of years old already but I just became aware of it. It totally reflects my own philosophy.

My wife and I have been rolling our eyes at food studies for years already, ever since the saccharine studies.  For those unaware of these, the studies “proved” saccharine caused cancer. In reality, to consume as much saccharine as they pumped into the lab rats to cause cancer you would have to drink a diet soda every six minute for the rest of your life.  Now decades later saccharine is back. I have looked sideways at these studies ever since.

I am a proponent of eating naturally. Evolution got us here, so eat like your body was built to.  We are omnivores. Eggs would have been a valuable foodstuff to Caveman Mel. No, he wouldn’t have eaten 6 a day, every day.  He could never have gathered that many.  Simple.

Same with meat.  Meat has been a major component in Hunter Gatherer Mel’s diet.  Sorry to hurt anyone’s vegan, veggie, PETA feelings but that is the reality.  Humans eat meat.  Your body was built to process meat. It’s not a bad thing and removing meat from your diet is unnatural.  Yes, you can do it, but you are not eating the way you were constructed to.  Luckily for you humans are adaptable omnivores.  

I also relate to the comments the author makes about life length and life style.  Length of life is unimportant for me.  I can’t control it, it is a complete unknown, and the even someone with the “healthiest” lifestyle could be hit by a bus tomorrow.  What IS important is quality of life.  You like hiking in the outdoors? Then getting in shape is a natural part of your quality lifestyle. You’ll be happier when you can get to the top of that hill.  

The message I most appreciated is stop fretting.  If nothing else your physical health will be better as a result of your better mental health. 

You’re going to die, get over it already.