Morris Chair Redo

Last year I bought an antique Morris chair for my wife as a birthday present. Great chair, terrible cushions.  We decided that the chair would look great with leather upholstery.  Off we go to the local purveyor of hides and find an awesome full hide of distressed leather.  It looked perfect.

Next, how do you actually upholster with leather?  I have redone a few pieces before, a 1930’s sofa, a couple of wing back chairs, a tub chair (my best result to date).  All these were done with some type of fabric.  Although we didn’t know exactly how to do this we did know that our sewing machine would not be up to the task.  So the next purchase was a new sewing machine.  We choose the Ultrafeed LSZ-1 from Sailrite.  Great machine.  Lots of power.

At this point there was a long, loooong stall.  Corners.  How do we do the corners. Many options and various difficulty levels.  Any mistake in cutting or sewing would rapidly become a several hundred dollar oops.  Final after many weeks we found a new way.  Lace the cushions instead of sewing them.  So here we go…