Big stuff

Now that the rains have started it sure didn’t take long for the forest to wake up.  These Shaggy Mane mushrooms popped up in the lawn pretty much overnight, and they are HUGE!

Edible apparently by I’m not that bold when it comes to mushrooms.  Too many imposters.  Seems lots of things like to grow big here.  We certainly had the biggest jalapeños we ever grew.


The leaves are starting to turn, the crab tree has dropped half of its leaves.  Autumn is definitely here.  The rains have begun a hesitant start, with a few wet days, but we still have many sunny mid-teen days in a row.

We decided to pull up most of the garden today.  Nothing makes me think of October (and Hallowe’en) more than the smell of tomato plants as I pull the plants up.  Funny how smell and memory are linked.  Carrots and beets still in the ground, and a few herbs above.

I cut the grass this week too, a rare event around here.  I think I have cut it twice since May.  Now that we have had some rain I am amazed at how fast the lawn is greening up.  Even the lower edges that were totally browned off and “dead” are showing a positive return to life.

Later this week I am going to plant some more micro clover.  The first batch I planted were a disappointment with nothing growing.  There are some curious looking new things popping up downhill from where I planted them…did the seeds wash down?  I won’t know until they grow a little more.  Could be they are just weeds.

I also managed to zap the back of my hand with stinging nettle today, right though my gloves.  Grr.