Mr Sun?

Another cool and wet spring. I am beginning to feel I’m the victim of false advertising when I look at the season norms in the weather forecast. This is the second cool spring in a row. I sure hope the garden doesn’t suffer as much as it did last year.

Let there be light!

We have upgraded our little seed starting greenhouse this year. Lights and heat pads. Germination was excellent. Near 100% and very fast. Hopefully the lights will help the starts be less leggy that we usually end up with. In previous years the tomatoes we started from seed didn’t take off until late summer, far to late for a crop.

Grey saw the “man with two bricks” last week and is wearing a cone until next week. The two pups are having a hard time understanding that they can’t run and play fight as usual right now. They are storing up a good deal of energy I’ll need to help them burn off later.

At least he still has Lilly

I am definitely ready for the cone phase to end too. Outside only on a leash, which means I’m up early so take Grey out to do his business. Makes for a long day.