Downtime Blues

Since my office PC is stuck in advertised programs reboot hell and I can’t work for more than 10 minutes at a time I will spend some time updating you while I wait for the helpless desk to try to restore sanity to my laptop.

I hooked up the Intuos and started doodling in Illustrator again recently. Nothing I want to share at this point but I have a couple of ideas I am working on. One is a series of graphics depicting some word plays. I am such a fan of word plays; double entendres, puns, rhymes, you name it. I’ll have to see how it works out. If it gets some legs I will post it here in the future.

The laundry room reno is turning out awesome. A couple of days on the finishing tasks and it should be complete. I really HAVE to get to the small stuff like trim and doors if I want to shake the moniker I got this winter – Sir Partialval, Knight of the Unfinished Table. As soon as this room is done I have to get to the spare room and the shop, and at some point if I don’t build the new TV stand I will be sleeping in the garage where the rosewood lumber I bought for the project is still sitting.

Outside I think I finally got the ice dams on the roof under control. Two trips up the ladder with an axe and then a third with a hose hooked to the hot water tap and the ceiling in the office is dry. Temperature this weekend is supposed to be above 0C so let’s hope so. No way am I looking for another drywalling opportunity. As it is I probably need to do shingles this spring, the roof looks bad. I also wonder about my neighbor’s roof. I was snow-blowing his sidewalk yesterday and noticed he must have over four feet of snow on this roof. Wow, what a winter this has been.

Well, the PC is still pooched, but it’s conference call time, so later gators.