Garden Surprise!!

I was just reading the latest newsletter from a greenhouse we stopped by this spring.

Pests and Pestilence

I have one addition to the pest category that is new for us at Wheelbarrel.  Three large otters surprised me early one morning coming down through the roses heading for the pond I presume.  In fact I don’t know who was the most surprised.  Me or them.

We had lost all our fish in the ornamental pond the week before and had the plants all tipped and generally messed with.  We had assumed that the raccoons had finally got them.  The otter sighting put a different perspective on things though.

I knew we had racoons, but otters in the fish pond?  There’s something a prairie boy like me never expected!!



Life Advice

I follow the crew and Adam Savage on their web site and on YouTube with reasonable regularity.  This week has been focused on the San Diego ComicCon which, while interesting in its own way, has shown me that I really have little desire to go to a ComicCon.  That said I was watching Adam and friends in their panel discussion today.  As expected most questions were around Adam’s Myth Busters experiences.  At the very end though, 44 minutes into the 52 minute segment, the panel all take a turn offering advice to a young woman looking to start a new vocation.  Adam Savage, Alton Brown, Chris Hadfield, Andy Weir, and Phil Plait offer their takes on what life is and how one lives it.  I couldn’t agree with them more.  Girls, pay attention…