Vaccine Second Round

No, not me. We were fully vaccinated months ago. This time it’s the second round of shots for Maggie. Now she can go out and about and visit with others more freely

To celebrate the event she got her first trip to the ocean today. Quite timid about it to start then got right into it. Loved the feel of sand in her toes. Didn’t dip a foot in the water though. I guess she is saving that for the next trip

Orlebar Point
Twin Beaches

Break time

We are finally getting some rain. In fact we will be getting a lot of rain. Starting with a couple days and an inch this week to most of next week and several more inches. It’s very much welcome both from a forest perspective and a personal one.

I need a break.

It has seemed like a very busily summer. If I look back it’s not like I worked everyday. Yet thinking about it I did work at something almost everyday. If I wasn’t doing it for someone else I was doing something at home.

And I’m tired. Really, really tired.

The new puppy has changed my sleep hours. She will not sleep past 6:30 and therefore apparently neither can I. If I don’t get to bed by 9:30 or 10 I find myself sleep deprived. I need my 8 hours.

We also have a new guy on the crew who likes to start earlier. Eight. I haven’t started work at eight since I retired from the rat race. I’m not a fan of eight.

So rain is welcome. Rain means days off. Days where I get to hang around in a sweater and slippers and read or watch a movie or play guitar.

A week would be good. Two would be spectacular. Then company is here, which translates to three weeks off. I could do that.