Break time

We are finally getting some rain. In fact we will be getting a lot of rain. Starting with a couple days and an inch this week to most of next week and several more inches. It’s very much welcome both from a forest perspective and a personal one.

I need a break.

It has seemed like a very busily summer. If I look back it’s not like I worked everyday. Yet thinking about it I did work at something almost everyday. If I wasn’t doing it for someone else I was doing something at home.

And I’m tired. Really, really tired.

The new puppy has changed my sleep hours. She will not sleep past 6:30 and therefore apparently neither can I. If I don’t get to bed by 9:30 or 10 I find myself sleep deprived. I need my 8 hours.

We also have a new guy on the crew who likes to start earlier. Eight. I haven’t started work at eight since I retired from the rat race. I’m not a fan of eight.

So rain is welcome. Rain means days off. Days where I get to hang around in a sweater and slippers and read or watch a movie or play guitar.

A week would be good. Two would be spectacular. Then company is here, which translates to three weeks off. I could do that.

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