Today I finished the last zone of the drip irrigation system for the yard. Not a minute too soon either as we move into the 7th week of heat with no rain, and none in the forecast for at least two weeks. There are a few clean up tasks remaining but it is all set to automatically water now.

This was supposed to be a 2020 COVID project. Supplies were bought, plans were made. Unfortunately due to circumstances it all got shelved until this summer. It has been a much larger effort than originally estimated. All told it is about 1000’ of drip line, covering 35 trees, a couple dozen bushes, drip heads to all the flower pots, and micro spray heads in the garden areas all separated into 11 watering zones and spread out across 2 acres.

Future expansion will be to incorporate the greenhouse and the rain cistern into the system. That will require running power to the greenhouse, so I think that will be a 2022 project.

Well hello big fella…

This beautiful boy has been taking afternoon naps on the septic tank every other day for a couple weeks now. I suspect it is because it is covered in gravel and cool. We have lots of does and the odd fawn on the property but not usually bucks. It was nice to see.