Living Room Shelving Idea

Painting over Christmas went well, with us finishing the kitchen, living room, dining room and bathroom. We are taking a small break before we start the hallway and the bedroom, probably in February.

In the meantime we have been looking for a shelving solution for the living room. Specifically we want something in the corner to hold a few books and decorative items. It is a small space; about three feet either side of the corner before the wall runs into the patio door on one side and a window on the other.

Kelly has developed a love for the Poul Cado Cadovius shelving/wall units. Unfortunately they are crazy expensive to buy and most are too large anyway. I have not seen one up close and personal but looking at images on the web I think the basic idea in fairly simple.

After a bit of paper noodling I think I know how to build a Cadovius inspired shelf . Here is what the real ones look like:

Here is a mock up from some scrap wood I had in the shed.

Obviously this crappy plywood and MDF trim is not what I would use, it’s just what I had handy. Even so I could exert 30+ pounds pressure and get a half inch bend in this sample shelf without splitting anything or having the metal rods pull out. Proof of concept verified!

Next is a trip to town to find some appropriate wood. Maybe Windsor Plywood will have something nice.


It’s been a very wet month.

Over the past three or four weeks we have been receiving an average of three inches of rain each week. The average yearly rainfall here is 36 inches. The summers see very little precipitation. Most of it falls between October and May. Ten to twelve inches in a month is still twice the usual.

What we have not had is any snow. The last two winters we saw more than normal amounts of snow. This time last winter we had several inches of snow on the ground.

Hand in hand with the rain instead of snow theme is the temperature. Only three frost days so far, and wandering the yard the other day here is what I found for a New Year’s surprise.