In a few months we will be crying for a few drops. Come summer we could have months go by without a any rain. People’s wells go dry and rainwater cisterns empty. Keeping gardens alive becomes harder. So I guess I should not complain about today.

It has been a cool wet spring. Daytime highs are 5-6°C cooler than normal yet nights have been warmer. Our yard is quite forested so we are always cooler and later starting than places with more sun. The sun is actually quite warm when it is out. I’ve been in some other yards that have been cleared and the growth is 2-3 weeks ahead of us. That’s normal even in a less cool spring.

So I know I should not complain when I got up to another rainy day. Soon enough I will be wishing for one. But with the trees and bushes just barely starting to open buds I really desire a few warm days.

It is hard to get motivated to get outside when its raining. Whether I am going to work on my own projects or work for someone else, 90% of the things I need to do are outside. And I hate working in the rain. My hands get cold my feet get caked in mud. Everything is slow going.

So I won’t. I have one project I can do indoors that will take me a couple weeks of effort, probably spread out over a couple months in real time. Looks like today will be the start date.

Rain days.