Vaccine Second Round

No, not me. We were fully vaccinated months ago. This time it’s the second round of shots for Maggie. Now she can go out and about and visit with others more freely

To celebrate the event she got her first trip to the ocean today. Quite timid about it to start then got right into it. Loved the feel of sand in her toes. Didn’t dip a foot in the water though. I guess she is saving that for the next trip

Orlebar Point
Twin Beaches

Break time

We are finally getting some rain. In fact we will be getting a lot of rain. Starting with a couple days and an inch this week to most of next week and several more inches. It’s very much welcome both from a forest perspective and a personal one.

I need a break.

It has seemed like a very busily summer. If I look back it’s not like I worked everyday. Yet thinking about it I did work at something almost everyday. If I wasn’t doing it for someone else I was doing something at home.

And I’m tired. Really, really tired.

The new puppy has changed my sleep hours. She will not sleep past 6:30 and therefore apparently neither can I. If I don’t get to bed by 9:30 or 10 I find myself sleep deprived. I need my 8 hours.

We also have a new guy on the crew who likes to start earlier. Eight. I haven’t started work at eight since I retired from the rat race. I’m not a fan of eight.

So rain is welcome. Rain means days off. Days where I get to hang around in a sweater and slippers and read or watch a movie or play guitar.

A week would be good. Two would be spectacular. Then company is here, which translates to three weeks off. I could do that.

Bounty (sort of)

A couple years ago when we planted our fruit trees we new it would be a while before we saw any kind of harvest. The very poor soil quality, the drought, and the heat domes have all contributed to a slow start to the young saplings as well.

I was therefore very happy to see peaches on the tree this year. Not many, seven to be exact, but they were the first fruit our young tree set…ever.

I picked them today since the birds have been at them.

And add one more seat

Another smoking hot week done, and looks like one more coming before we see cooler temperatures and maybe a little rain. Definitely hoping we see some rain soon.

On Thursday we took a trip to the mainland to pick up Maggie –

She is an 8 week old rough collie, a roller in dirt and a slaughterer of dandelions. She has also proved to be a super traveller making the seven hour trip back home like a seasoned pro.

She is a sociable little thing and has already met eight other dogs and a number of our close friends. Settled right in at home and is doing really good at house training. Loves the outdoors and the long grass. Not so much the leash yet, has a Houdini like ability to get out of even a harness.

Now if we can only get her to leave pants legs alone (puppies, eh?).


Today I finished the last zone of the drip irrigation system for the yard. Not a minute too soon either as we move into the 7th week of heat with no rain, and none in the forecast for at least two weeks. There are a few clean up tasks remaining but it is all set to automatically water now.

This was supposed to be a 2020 COVID project. Supplies were bought, plans were made. Unfortunately due to circumstances it all got shelved until this summer. It has been a much larger effort than originally estimated. All told it is about 1000’ of drip line, covering 35 trees, a couple dozen bushes, drip heads to all the flower pots, and micro spray heads in the garden areas all separated into 11 watering zones and spread out across 2 acres.

Future expansion will be to incorporate the greenhouse and the rain cistern into the system. That will require running power to the greenhouse, so I think that will be a 2022 project.

Well hello big fella…

This beautiful boy has been taking afternoon naps on the septic tank every other day for a couple weeks now. I suspect it is because it is covered in gravel and cool. We have lots of does and the odd fawn on the property but not usually bucks. It was nice to see.


Tracking chip activated, fully magnetized, pick your joke. Second vaccine shot in the arm today.


Stuff getting done

Checked off a few items since the last post. Patio…check.



Irrigation…well, started anyway.

Bathroom Update

Progress has been ok on the bathroom reno. Probably close to estimate on effort but calendar-wise a week long so far. Had to leave the project sit for 5 or 6 days so far in order to attend to some personal items and a couple days helping out on other projects when an extra arm was needed.

First up was some dry rot. While we didn’t know it was there I am not really surprised to find it. The shower head nipple pretty much just fell off when I grabbed it. Corroded completely through.

The other bit of unplanned work was to completely redo the laundry plumbing inside a new half wall. I don’t have before picture, let’s just say it was “rustic”.

Lost another day to the electrician and opening up walls for him will add a half day to fix too. Hope to be tiling in a couple days, depending on how the mudding goes.