Stay-cation Landscaping

Oh man, am I sore.

I have decided that landscaping is all about moving a lot of weight around.  We started by removing the old driveway and garage pad

Minus 60,000 pounds (Yes! Weighed at the recycling yard)

Then we needed to fill in the hole with topsoil

Add 15,000 pounds

Since we removed all the concrete, we obviously need to add a new sidewalk

Add 15,000 pounds

Since the sidewalk changed the grade of the yard, let’s move around a bunch of dirt to fix up the slopes

Push around 15,000 pounds

Ok, the basics are done.  Time to build the fence with 12 foot 6×6’s, and set them with more cement

Add 1000 pounds

Time for new sod!

4000 pounds

Whew.  Two weeks and 110,000 pounds later. 55 tons of manual labour. My back hurts, my knees hurt, my ankles hurt, my elbows hurt.  I need to go back to work to recover.



2 Replies to “Stay-cation Landscaping”

  1. Update: We have found that the sidewalk we poured is too high. So we are going to have to jack up the house about six inches to compensate….;-)

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