Movie night

33 below zero today.  Ouch.  It’s a good day for the Die Hard marathon on Movietime.  Sitting in my favorite chair with a tasty beverage.  The big dog is curled up on the couch, one minute sound asleep like a puppy, the next twitching away in some dream.

We are heading off to warmer climates tomorrow.  Earlier today we stopped by Costco to pick up groceries for the house/dog sitter.  Frick, I could not believe how busy Costco was late Sunday afternoon on a super cold day.  Maybe it is just everybody doing their last minute Christmas shopping.  We seriously need a second Costco here.

The F35 in the movie just crashed.  Why is it the action movies directors seem to have such a hate for elevated freeways?  Whole graduating classes of CGI artists must be employed creating concrete overpasses and on ramps for destruction.  Live Free or Die Hard, True Lies, Battle Los Angeles.  They’re all hard on the roadways.


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