New Tunes

Since Apple included streaming internet radio as part of iTunes I have switched my habits as they relate to workplace music.  I used to spend most of my time at work on Songza or directly plugged into the streams of a couple of my old favorites like Radio Paradise. At home I use Sirius Radio or Songza depending where I am and what I am doing.

At work iTunes has now become the main source.  Especially two stations from Ireland. Both of these are labeled as Golden Oldies, one for 50’s songs and one for 60’s songs.  What I really like the best about them is they tap into  the recording industry practice at the time of having many artists record the same song.  These stations play many of the songs you all know and (hopefully) love but as recorded by other artists than we expect.  How about Unchained Melody but by Jimmy Young instead of The Righteous Brothers?  

The second aspect I like about these stations are they play songs from artists we are more familiar with but songs that never really made the North American charts. Lots of UK charted songs that many listeners here will not know.  It’s kind of like one of my other favourite pastimes, random Youtube surfing.  You never know what you will find next to broaden your net horizons.




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