Hey, it’s raining (again)

Wow, right on the heels of the report that globally May was the warmest on record, June at home has been been recorded as the second wettest on record, with over 3 times the average rainfall.  Last Sunday alone we received as much in one day as we normally do in month.  The record was in 1942, not long after the Dirty 30’s ended.  No surprise to me we are now getting another very wet year, perhaps our third in a row by my memory, right after coming out of a 20 year dry spell.

I’m certainly no meteorologist and know next to nothing about weather predictions, or historical trends, or anything scientific.  I do however subscribe to the cyclical nature of weather that comes out of folk lore.  Our ancestor’s understanding of weather patterns came from generations of casual observation, not decades of instrumented measurements.  There is much ado about global warming – or not, man’s influence on the atmosphere – or not, and the impending doom we have wrought upon ourselves – or not depending on who you listen to.

I believe that the earth has had many different stages and environments, and that cause and effect play a huge role in how it changes.  I also believe that the earth balances itself out in the long term.  By long term, I mean loooong term.  Hundreds of thousands of years.  It has a huge feedback loop.

The issue with environment change it not whether man has broken the earth, only whether we have crapped in our own backyard enough to make it no fun to live here anymore.  The earth will be fine.  You however may be really uncomfortable.

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