Zero +

We are now past Zero day.  11 days past as of the date of this post.  So what does that mean and what happens now?

First, I will not be setting a new date.  The clock will continue to run until Zero Day actually arrives.  The date was originally picked as a wild guess two years ago.  As a guess it was pretty good, and there is a very good chance it will turn out fairly accurate.  Things are in motion on this front, I’ll update you in a few days.

We have already completed a lot of preparation for Zero Day.  We have been eliminating two decades of accumulated “maybe we can use this someday” stuff.  The tenants are out and the new place is vacant and ready for us.  Power is on, cell phone is bought.

Thanks to a creased drivers door my 13 year old truck has been replaced.  “Not worth fixing,” the insurance company says, “here’s a cheque”.  It’s not a new truck, but newer with half the mileage.  I also found a 12 step program for boats…sort of.  Our cabin burnt down if a forest fire last summer that also destroyed two boats.  Two more have been gifted to the kids.  The last two I will take with me.

Now, if only Greece, and the UK, and Russia, and the oil patch slowdown, and all the other crap that is creating havoc would settle down.


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2 Replies to “Zero +”

  1. Hey Mel. Congrats on your retirement, and the same to Kelly! I hope you both enjoy retirement as much as I have enjoyed it so far! It definitely beats working. Very sorry to hear about the cabin last summer, but hey you have lots to look forward to out on the island. Are you going to keep RFM running?



    1. Thanks Rick. Yeah, last year was a bust in many ways. We’re hoping all the bad chi is behind us now. Today is day 27 of what I call our final landing here, when we no longer were traveling and could start unboxing. So far no lack of things to do! I am going to launch a new site with a new name that will be the Home Fires posts from RFM. RFM will stick around for all the rest.

      If you’re ever in the neighbourhood drop me a line!


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