Spring in the air

Wow.  We drove around the island this week and man oh man are the blooms starting to appear.  The fruit trees are beginning to flower and the daffodils are everywhere.  Most of my place it still forest so not a lot of blossoms to see but I did find this little fellow.

I believe this to be a carpenter bee, a very good pollinator but not so much a honey bee.  Since we will be planting some fruit trees I’m glad to see them around.

In other new, I was helping with renovating a chicken pen this week.  The chickens definitely did not like the machinery and ran off quick.  The ducks however were not phased a bit.  In fact, these two ladies spent the entire afternoon trying to get into where we were working.  They stood on the other side of the wire and mumbled at me constantly.  It seemed like they were saying “So, got any worms over there?”

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