Back in the Saddle Again

The sun is out and so am I, in the yard that is.  I spent the weekend and Monday putting in the driveway gate.  This is a BIG checkbox.  Kelly has plants that have been waiting many week to be planted that required the front drive to be fenced off so the deer would not eat them up.  I took Monday off in order to finish hanging the gate and put up the fencing.

The gate posts were a bear.  Our soil is 6″ of forest duff then sandstone and gravel.  Soft sandstone but stone none the less.  I had to dig the last foot with an air chisel.  Bleh.  Didn’t get them as deep as I would have preferred, only has deep as my arm is long.  I hope I don’t regret not spending some cash and getting somebody with a machine to bore them out.  On the bright side my free cement mixer performed great. I do need to get a grease gun for it.  The drum squealed a bit on the last mix.


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