Kind of a mixed day here on Frog Rock.  A nice lazy morning having coffee on the deck looking at a great forest view. There is still a little smoke hazy in the sky from the fires in the interior and it makes for some amazing light, orange on the green forest.

Deck view

Finally started to place the left over patio blocks in the afternoon.  I have 10 blocks, just enough for a two block wide small patio off the deck on the street side.  The area is bare sandy dirt, and is under the overhang so nothing seems to want to grow there. This is where I hope to eventually move the recycling and will help reduce the amount of dirt the dog tracks in.  I will have to build a short wall to hide the cans, plan to use the same colour siding as the house has to help make it blend in.

I didn’t quite finish.  Sean showed up to return the trailer which naturally turned into a small yak session.  Need to get him back over here to do a little welding on the camper, the bumper and the tongue jack need some attention. It is not as hot as is was but it is crazy humid.I had to call it a day after placing only 8 blocks.  Thats the nice part of retirement, there is always tomorrow!

Played a little Civ tonight, first time since February.  It didn’t hold my attention tho’, may have finally run its course and as the song says Painted wings and giant rings make way for other toys.  The guitars are whispering my name.

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