Back again

I am back at the deck house again, this time to enclose the water filters.  For some reason the plumber decided to install the new filters and UV light outside.  Now, we do have nice winters here but it does still freeze.  Too bad they decided to do that.  Today’s task is to enclose the filters and insulate the space so they can heat it and keep things from freezing up this winter.

Not a big job but took a little longer than planned because the portable table saw chose today to burn out.  Nothing like listening to the windings in the motor crackle as the smoke comes out…

As with the deck, I tried to blend into the existing structure.  The bottom part of the wall is 4×4 cedar cribbing and holds the existing water pump.  I used 1×4 cedar and cut rabbets to make my own shiplap style boards.  Finished boards are the same width as the cribbing and will age to the same grey, eventually making the door almost disappear. Well that’s the theory anyway.

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