Hey, this wasn’t here yesterday!


I was taking some composting down to the garden yesterday and as I walked along I saw a tree laying down in the the woods behind the shelter.  “Funny”, I thought, “I don’t remember that tree there.  It is about 100 feet back in the trees and the leaves are just starting to bud out, so it is possible that I just noticed it now with the forest still in its winter thin state.

After investigating I find nope, it’s a new thing.  An 80′ Grand fir blew over in the night and took a second one down with it.  Not normally much of an issue for us.  Trees do periodically fall.  This is the second large one to fall in four years.  First one fell just a month after we bought the house and actually landed on the house.  Luckily this one is far away from any buildings.  Not that there was no damage though.  It managed to take out about 50′ of garden fence.

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