And they’re off…

I sit surrounded by toiletries.  Yesterday we emptied the bathroom as the official kickoff of the whole house repainting project.  By the time we are done, probably in early January, we will have painted all the rooms inside.  

This is more of a decorating decision as opposed to a necessity.  Some of the walls do have the odd ding and there are a few suspicious ‘I want to get my deposit back’ repairs done by one of the renters over the years.  Personally I wish they would have left the repairs undone.  I would have been less work for me to fix the ding then it will be to fix their attempt at a patch and paint.

We could easily finish the project sooner but the living room and dining room have wallpaper to remove and that is always a crap shoot.  I once had to remove wallpaper from unpainted drywall.  Lots of work, lots of patching.  We are hosting Christmas supper this year and have decided to wait until after the supper before starting the wallpaper removal.  We will paint these rooms in-between World Junior Hockey games.  

We tried a new paint formulation for the bathroom.  Benjamin Moore has a matte finish bathroom paint the store talked us into.  Benjamin Moore is our favourite paint but I would have not normally used a matte finish.  

First coat – looked like a primed wall
Second coat – looked like a first coat
Third coat – looked good and felt normal going on.

I do not usually need three coats on a wall.  I am not sure if this is the paint or the wall.  I am putting white over a colour but the regular Regal and Aura higher sheens cover better in my experience.  I guess I will know soon enough as the bedrooms will be next and we will probably use a slightly higher sheen.  

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