May seems to be patio month.

With the weather getting nicer people are retiring to the great outdoors. For some the first thing they notice is the uneven ground they walk on as soon as the get out the door.

I finished two projects this week. First, new flag stone patio for Marshall. This is the same place we built the rock wall flower bed last year.

Work in progress

Very interesting stone here. It is chock full of mica and quartz so it is very sparkly in the sun. Does NOT behave though, had to use a saw to cut some pieces as they simply would not break clean.

Second project is re-levelling a patio stone sidewalk. This is an assumed job, as in I assumed it from someone else who disappeared part way through. I can guess why. The patio he laid on the other side of the house looks like a rollercoaster.

Pick’em up, fix the grade, and set’em down. Repeat all day long.

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