Patience rewarded

Four years ago we planted our first fruit tree. It was a little twig of a dolgo crab apple. Since then we have planted three pear, a plum, seven Saskatoon, four apple, two blue berry, four haskaps, two peach, three cherry, a huckleberry, and a nectarine.

All of these have been small. The apples were just whips. The berries are maybe six inches tall. Some of these have fruited including the pears, the blueberries , and one of the cherry. Not enough to harvest yet. The robins got the cherries and the raccoons got the pears. We did manage to eat the blueberries, all four of them.

We had not had a crab apple tree in thirteen years when we moved here and really missed making jelly. We were able to get some periodically from people we knew but once we moved we needed a new source.

It has been a long wait. First year no apples. Second year five, third year perhaps twenty. This year finally enough to harvest. It is the first real fruit harvest from any of the plants.

There are four pears waiting to be picked too. Maybe I can beat the raccoons this year.

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