Bathroom Update

Progress has been ok on the bathroom reno. Probably close to estimate on effort but calendar-wise a week long so far. Had to leave the project sit for 5 or 6 days so far in order to attend to some personal items and a couple days helping out on other projects when an extra arm was needed.

First up was some dry rot. While we didn’t know it was there I am not really surprised to find it. The shower head nipple pretty much just fell off when I grabbed it. Corroded completely through.

The other bit of unplanned work was to completely redo the laundry plumbing inside a new half wall. I don’t have before picture, let’s just say it was “rustic”.

Lost another day to the electrician and opening up walls for him will add a half day to fix too. Hope to be tiling in a couple days, depending on how the mudding goes.

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