Long day

Another concrete day. These are always long days. We hand mix with a portable mixer. Usually we rent a six cubit foot gas power mixer which we did today. On the fourth load the main bearing died and we had to swap it out for a smaller electric mixer. I did sixty loads in six hours. 20,000 pounds. The mixer failure delayed us as well so the last few were done in the dark. Long day.

Hmm, not sure about this one

Put together this cedar stave hot tub and built the deck and stairs for a couple over the Christmas season.  Tub comes in a half dozen boxes and you have to assemble it like a barrel, which I guess it sort of is.

It looks nice enough.  Has jets, a light, benches.  It reminds me of the wood fired tubs you can get except it has a standard electric heater and pump system.

The surprising part is it has virtually no insulation compared to your traditional fibreglass/acrylic tubs.  There is an 1/8″ foil backed thermal blanket between the cedar staves and the liner, same wrapped around the plumbing.  That’s it.  The manufacturer claims $60/month to heat.  I hope that’s true, glad it’s not my power bill though.

Leather Floor

Well, ok it’s not really leather but it sure looks like it.  Here is a small cottage floor we just finished redoing.  Levelled the original floor through a combination of grinding the old and pouring new top layer, then acid stained with hydrochloric acid.  After neutralizing with ammonia and left to dry it was sealed with an epoxy finish.  We just finished applying the epoxy in this picture.