The Glass House

I have a cabin in the woods. There is no running water, no power, no roads. To get there requires a 35 mile boat ride. Once you are there don’t expect any Internet access, no TV, no radio. Although in recent years I have put up a tower to get cell coverage it was only after we were almost stranded there for a couple of weeks with engine failure on the boat late one autumn. It was from the start and remains mostly a technology free zone.

Yet I am a knowledge worker in my regular life. I work in communications and information technology. I guess I have to accept that I would be considered a geek by most people. My colleagues post alerts in our chat groups of new gadgets on sale and there is a very hearty game of techno-widget oneupmanship between us. We ooh and ahh with envy at pictures of the latest bit of electronics one of us has.

Still, like most other “geeks” I know that label is so wrong it is laughable. As I say in previous posts there is a strong link between technology and arts in the people who would be called nerds. It certainly comes as no surprise to me that I connect so much to the story in this video. I love the home they built, the thought behind it and its construction. I totally get their philosophy. I would love to meet this couple. I know it would be a fascinating conversation.

One Reply to “The Glass House”

  1. Wow. Very cool video.

    Whether it’s an old camera, recycled windows, or the latest tech gadgetry, it’s all about making stuff that you find cool.

    Or in this case, reading about it. 🙂

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