Help Desk Weekend

My role as local family desktop support guy has been pretty easy over the last few months.  No virus trouble, no goofy unexplainable computer behaviours.  I was beginning to think that I could retire that hat.

Then, two weeks ago my mother in-law locked herself out of the tablet.  Tonight I fixed the same problem with my wife’s phone.  Saturday I get to find out why my mom’s laptop is running so hot she’s scared to turn it on.   This weekend I think I may be rebuilding my daughter’s Windows 8 laptop because the office IT guy can’t figure out why it won’t browse reliably.

Also on the list this weekend will be OSX Maverick upgrades on three machines and  IOS 7.0.3 upgrades on another 3 devices.

Only the Windows 8 rebuild should take much work.  All the Apple devices are backed up and restores usually go great.  Hopefully after this weekend I will get another 6 months of easy sailing.


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