Late Season Garage Sale

Kelly and I drove to Craik today to attend a garage sale at the town hall. Pretty unusual, since I don’t go to a lot of garage sales let alone drive 90 miles to attend one! We went to see Helen and her collection of WMF glass holders. Love Helen. She was a blast, right from the start when she jumped out of her skin after I walked up behind her and said hello to when she had me mind the store while she ran home to find the mercury glass Christmas decorations Kelly was interested in. She gave me strict instructions to “sell something while I am gone”.

Craik runs a farmers market / garage sale out of their old town hall each week, selling donated items to raise funds to restore and maintain the building. Today Helen was running the sale while piggybacking her own sale. We met a couple of the other locals including one who I tried repeatedly to sell a bag of garland to for her wreath making hobby (I failed, but Helen succeeded).

It was a great trip. Lots of laughs, nice drive, and came home with some great purchases.


We spent tonight polishing our purchases and this $3 bowl turns out to be a piece from the Royal York Hotel in Toronto!


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