Company coming

Company is coming so I am taking a couple weeks off.

Sort of.

Actually I have been knocking off honey-do list items list like nobody’s business.
• Finish placing mulch around trees
• Spread out remaining topsoil
• Clean off and store tarps
• Clean truck
• Build new shelves in office
• Clean out closets
• Install hangers for brooms, etc
• Cut the lawn

I even managed to get over to the shop to work a bit on the bench. Tomorrow will be the usual last minute stuff, general house cleaning and maybe groceries. Company arrives in two days.

Speaking of the bench, I had a nasty surprise planing the top.

Yes, staples! I’m glad it was my scrub plane that found them. Not that a scrub plane iron is any easier to remove nicks from. Not sure the best way to removed these now with it having to carve a big hole. Ponder ponder…

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