Maybe I’ll put it over there…

Well the staples in the bench top were actually easier to remove than I feared and did not leave a big bunch of holes. Planing the top down has been an interesting experience. I have not used my planes too much prior to this project, Most are recently restored from garage sale finds. Definitely notice the difference a freshly and properly sharpened iron makes.

Only made it to the shop one day this week. Planned to work on the bench and the kayaks but instead I got completely frustrated by the clutter and spent most of my time rearranging.

and this is the ‘cleaner’ version!

The problem is the shop is still used by the landlord for storage as well. 90% of the stuff in this picture is not mine. The plugins on the far wall are suspect. I think squirrels have had at the wiring in the attic. I have shut them off at the breaker panel and decided since the outlets are useless I would use that wall as storage for their stuff. It is his tools and supplies and wood scraps.

I won’t be back to do more for a few days. The rest of the week I have to split and deliver firewood. I bumped into a fellow at the ferry lineup looking for wood and he has agreed to buy all of mine. It will be nice to have it gone, takes up way too much space in the shelter. I have no power splitter so it will be a long couple days with a maul.

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