Tis the season

Christmas has come and gone and along with it the 12” of snow we got as part of the North American December storm event(s).

Snow never last long, a couple weeks usually depending on how much we got. In this case it was erased by 6” of rain that came after.

We also had our second deer die on the property. I never do anything about this when it happens. The forest critters make pretty quick work of reducing them to bones.

The carcass drew quite a few scavengers including a bald eagle who hung around for quite a few days. Long enough that we were starting to wonder if it had plans on our dogs.


Christmas itself was pretty good. We got a real tree for the first time in many years and it was a beaut! We managed to get though two storm day suppers without losing power – bonus!! The kids were pretty leery about the outdoor cooking though.

Now it’s world junior hockey time. See you in a few days.

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