Rainy Days

The warmer weather has brought the rain we were all looking for back in November. The last two weeks have been VERY wet. The pups look like they were swimming when they come in from the yard.

The seasonal creeks are all running again. The cistern is full, and soon I can think about overseeing the lawn.

Wet feet on my trail walk

For now, the only gardening going on is indoors.

I really need to get out of the house. I have become a big slug, and my pants are getting tight. Never a good sign. I did manage to do three hours of forest floor cleaning yesterday between rain showers. This sounds weird but it is mainly aimed at reducing the fuel load of forest a bit. Picking up storm damage in the form of branches and fallen trees. Anything large enough for firewood I’ll buck up and give away. The smaller stuff I will chip and use as bedding mulch this summer.

I figure to do the whole property will take me around 100 hours. In calendar time I think that will be a month if I keep at it. More likely it will be six months. Meh, whatever. It’s not going anywhere and neither am I.

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